Kits of 12 (choice of A or B) first aid acute combination remedies, as these are ACUTE remedies (ie non-chronic/not generally susceptible to) they are UNIVERSAL so they can be taken  by anyone without birth details etc.  

(Please note however, if you are prone these problems, or they are recurrent, you need to have a QFT evaluation and treatment)


The kits have two weeks supply approximately 50 tablets in each bottle @ £55.

For single remedy choices please click HERE

• Headache

• Broken Bones

• Abscess

• Ingrown Toenails

• Hayfever

• Food Poisoning

• Cold Sores

• Stomach Upset

• Cystitis

• Heartburn

• Hangover

• Colds

• Gout

• Cramp

• Sprains

• Nose Bleed

• Cold Sores

• Sciatica

• Toothache

• Cramp

• Bruises

• Shock

• Haemorrhages

• Travel Sickness





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