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Energy Therapy

This field of treatment works on the laws of Quantum Physics                       and is both a complete support system (that enables the immune system to deal with any health problems arising, both quickly and efficiently) and prophylactic/preventative system.  Completely safe, non-toxic, non-intrusive, and suitable for young and old alike, animals and even plants (the human body has the same cell salt composite as the plant kingdom).  The remedies are chosen to correct and/or maintain the vibrational frequency that is specific to your constitution.  Energy medicine cam be defined as any system of therapy that uses some form of subtle energy to optimise the body’s own flow of life force energy. More on Energy Medicine: URL:

For a scientific explanation of exactly how this therapy applies on the quanta level:


Current Health Problems

The therapy is subtle energy or quanta

QFT (Quantum Field Therapy) remedies are completely safe; non-toxic, drug free, and non-invasive.  There are no herbs, mother tinctures or nosodes in the treatment, although energy based organ supports may be included where applicable.  Please complete order form with current health status/medications/doctor consent if applicable.



Cosmobiology is a system of investigation based on ancient exacting principles that truly zone into the constitutional energy pattern of a patient thus making remedy choices specifically tailored to individual physical and psychological needs.  Through birth chart analysis problem areas can be identified and remedies are given to ‘tune in’ to the imbalance and balance this energy pattern.  This  gives each individual the power to truly take control of their own general health and psychological/spiritual development  (Please note: it is recommended that you also consult with your GP if treatment is requested for help with any ongoing or new health problems)


Help with current health problems

Please include details of any current health problems you wish to receive help with on the order page.

Effects of therapy vary from person to person as we are all unique and thus react in different ways to stimuli.  One person may only need seven days of their remedy, whilst another may need one month’s supply; this is obviously due not only to the way your body responds to the remedy, but also to the health problem you are experiencing, and most importantly to the length of time you have been experiencing the problem, and whether the problem reoccurs seasonally for example.


More information and instructions will be given to you at the assessment stages throughout your therapy.


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